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Complete Medical Care

complete medical care

Whether it is the new puppy or kitten that is exploding with energy or your geriatric family member, we provide care for all stages of life. Each life stage of your pet has different needs and the staff at BloomingPaws is here to guide you through each of these.

Preventative Medicine – Preventive medicine is the practice of promoting preventive health care to improve patient well-being. The goal is to ultimately prevent disease, disability, and death. This is achieved with annual to biannual exams, vaccines, routine lab work, annual fecal testing, annual heart worm and tick testing, heart worm preventatives, flea/tick preventatives, oral home care, regular toenail trims, and prevention of matting.

Comprehensive Medicine – Our doctors are trained to examine the whole pet, taking in environmental factors, diet, genetics and pet owner wishes. We work with the pet owner to determine what the desired goal is and the best way to achieve this without causing excessive anxiety for the pet. Whether the concern is itchy skin or cancer, we are here to help you make educated decisions about your pet’s health care.