Pet Wellness Plans

Our Pet Wellness Plans

Why Wellness Plans?

Wellness Plans provide preventive veterinary services for one year, with the cost divided into 12 affordable monthly payments. You can upgrade your plan as your pet ages.

All plans include:

  • Preventive care examinations
  • Core vaccines
  • A copay examination fee on scheduled visits
  • Additional discounts on eligible items not included in the plan

Wellness Plans Overview

In order to meet your young pet’s needs, we offer two plan options and our staff can help you choose the right plan and review available add-ons you may need for your pet.

What’s even better, all Wellness Plans will automatically renew into an adult plan so that your pet is never without preventative care!

Please contact us today so we can help you get your pet started on the right paw.  At the bottom of this page you’ll see three quick ways to contact us with any questons.

Our puppy and kitten plans:

Silver includes all the preventive care examinations, core vaccines and basic laboratory tests necessary to help protect pets against illness and disease.

Gold is designed for comprehensive care during the first year of a pet’s life and also includes our routine spay or neuter surgery package.

Routine spay or neuter package includes:

  • IV catheter
  • Anesthesia
  • Laser surgical procedure
  • Post-op laser therapy
  • Monitored recovery from anesthesia
  • E-collar
Service guide Silver Gold
$22.00 Examination copay (unlimited)
Doctor’s assistant visits (unlimited)
Complimentary routine nail trims (unlimited)
Preventive care examination (up to 3)
Core vaccine series (administered based on age, breed and risk)
Heartworm/Leukemia/FIV screen (kittens)
Fecal Giardia Elisa test (puppies up to 2)
Intestinal parasite screen (up to 2)
Basic deworming treatment (up to 3 doses)
Pre-surgical blood work  
Routine spay or neuter surgery package  

Membership fees and discounts Silver Gold
Initial membership fee $99.00 $99.00
Multiple-pet discount -$20.00 -$20.00
Monthly payment for kittens $35.00 $54.00
Monthly payment for puppies $41.00 $68.00
Discount perk on non-plan items 5% 10%
Average savings per year * 10% 15%
*  Average annual savings in the first year will be less the cost of the initial membership fee.    

How to contact us for more information:

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To learn more about our Wellness Plans, please contact a member of our customer service team using our PetDesk app, or you can use email, or by texting us at 812-333-2273.