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Pet Health Insurance

Peace of mind and medical coverage for your pet.

The cost of pet care is climbing! You want to be able to provide the best medical care for your beloved pet. Having pet health insurance is one way to make this possible!  BloomingPaws recommend Trupanion for the best health insurance coverage.

trupanion medical insurance for the life of your pet

What is Trupanion?
Trupanion is a pet medical insurance provider that offers and administers pet insurance in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico for cats and dogs.

Why does BloomingPaws recommend Trupanion?
We believe that the best medical coverage pet owners can get is one they have the most control over. With Trupanion, you get to set your own deductible and monthly rate at any time. And if your pet has an accident or sudden illness, Trupanion’s policy covers 90% of actual veterinary costs. There is also no payout limit. Trupanion does not impose any per-incident limit, annual limit, or lifetime limits on the amount of care your pet can receive. Trupanion strives to provide the best comprehensive medical coverage so you can focus on giving your pet the best care possible.

Why sign up for Trupanion with BloomingPaws?
While your cat or dog is in to see one of our doctors, we can sign your dog or cat up for 30-day FREE medical insurance coverage with no waiting period. This means if your pet gets hurt or becomes sick within the 30 days after the exam, they are automatically covered for that injury or illness!  If you sign up on your own, there is a waiting period for injuries and illnesses before they are covered. 

What are the age eligibility requirements?
There is a basic age requirement to be eligible to enroll in Trupanion’s lifelong pet insurance coverage. You must enroll your dog or cat between 8 weeks of age and before your pet’s 14th birthday. They then become eligible for lifelong benefits.

For more information please call Trupanion’s customer service line at 888-733-2685 or visit them at trupanion.com.