Integrative Vet Care

Integrative Vet Care combines modern medical practices with alternative & holistic veterinary medicine.

BloomingPaws Vet Clinic takes a comprehensive approach to veterinary medicine. In order to offer a variety of medical care to our patients, we provide traditional as well as holistic and alternative medicine. The pet owner’s preference is always taken into consideration regarding the type of medical care provided.

If preferred, BloomingPaws offers these holistic and alternative treatment options:

Acupuncture – Veterinary Acupuncture is among the few non-pharmaceutical methods to treat chronic pain, paralysis, and inflammation.

Homeopathy – Stimulate the body’s natural healing with the method that is structured to treat the whole of your pet in order to cure their ailments.

Herbal Medicine – Used in conjunction with current conventional treatments for conditions such as: diabetes, heart disease, wounds, allergies, stress, anxiety, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Laser Therapy – Soothe and repair the body with cold Laser Therapy. It speeds up the healing process at a cellular level and promotes circulation.

Pet Nutrition – Speak with our on-site Nutritionist about customizing your pet’s diet to keep them healthy, treat their ailments, or help them lose weight. Read our article about nutrition!

Essential Oils (Aromatherapy) – Commonly used to alter moods and conditions to aid the body. Derived from plant material, essential oils may be used medically to assist in the treatment of your pet. Learn more here!

Our veterinarians are equipped to provide both conventional & alternative medical treatment.
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