Vet Clinic

Bringing devoted, customized medical care to you and your pet.

BloomingPaws veterinarians treat dogs, cats, and many types of exotic animals with a combination of state-of-the-art technology, expertise, experience, and caring communication with you and your pets. Common procedures include, dental surgery, spay, neuter, digital X-Ray, in-house lab-work, and laser therapy. For a complete overview of our Vet Clinic’s facility, please watch the video below.


Traditional Medicine

Our full-service Vet Clinic practices conventional, modern medicine including, but not limited to:  Comprehensive Examinations, Laser Surgery, Vaccinations, Dental Surgery, Digital X-Rays, and an In-House Laboratory. BloomingPaws also offers prescription refills from Vets First Choice with select products.

Integrative Vet Care

Consult with our veterinarians to learn more about the holistic treatment options available to your pet such as: Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils (Aromatherapy), and Laser Therapy.

Exotic Pets We Treat

BloomingPaws Vet Clinic caters to a wide variety of pets, include exotic animals! This includes pocket pets in addition to dogs and cats. Give us a call or send us a message to schedule your exotic pet!

Pet Insurance

BloomingPaws accepts any kind of pet insurance to help pay for your loved one’s medical expenses. If you are considering enrolling for medical coverage, we highly recommend learning more about Trupanion® Pet Insurance. For the parents of newly enrolled pets, or those who might be interested in enrolling, you may schedule an appointment with our Vet Clinic to learn more and sign up.

Learning Library

Articles written by our veterinarians, on topics you care about. Examples include: Diet & Nutrition, Illness & Vaccinations, and Preventative Care.