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The Benefits of Professional Grooming

Most pets that require regular grooming end up seeing a groomer more frequently than their veterinarian. BloomingPaws professional Groomers may play an important role in keeping your pet healthy, and here’s how!

Healthier Skin

Regular brushing is a vital part of pet care because it distributes the natural oils of the skin throughout the coat, promoting healthier skin. Evenly distributed oils allows for topical flea and tick preventatives to also evenly distribute, giving your pet full coverage. Proper brushing also removes dead hair, dirt, debris, and promotes a healthy mat-free coat for your pet. Ask us about the dangers and treatment of matted fur.

Identify Abnormalities

Our Professional Groomers thoroughly inspect your dog for cuts, thorns or punctures. When present, we will notify you and apply antiseptic solutions to avoid infection. Our groomers will pay special attention to your pet’s ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, paw pads, as well as lumps and bumps on the skin or below the skin. Proper grooming identifies abnormalities on your pet’s body, such as sores, growths, or bald spots. Regular grooming will make you aware of problems sooner rather than later.

Proper Treatment of Skin Conditions

We offer a variety of special shampoos. If your pet has a skin condition, our groomers will apply the best products to protect and soothe your dog’s skin. Pet parents often are not familiar with different skin conditions and may increase the irritation with the wrong treatment.

Ear Care

Certain breeds grow hair deep in the ear canal that trap bacteria and cause irritation and ear infections. Our groomers clean the ears and check for anything abnormal. We will notify you if we see ear discharge or redness so you can decide if you want our vet to look at the area for abnormalities. We recommend monthly ear cleaning to help prevent any infections.

Maintain Feet & Paw Pads

Some breeds grow excessive amounts of hair between their toes and paw pads. Our groomers shave and trim these sensitive areas to help keep it clean.

Perianal Area Care (Anus)

Our inspection also includes the perianal region. Excessive hair in these places can lead to hygiene problems, tangling of the hair, accumulation of dirt and waste in the hair. It can sometimes cause problems for defecating and urinating. Our groomers shave around these areas to keep it maintained.

Eye Care

Many breeds will grow long hair on the face, mouth, and eyes. If this hair is untrimmed it can become matted and tear-stained, causing bleeding and irritation. Studies also show that dogs with hair that is frequently in their eyes have a greater chance of developing eye infections, glaucoma, and cataracts. Strategic trimming and shaving of the hair around the eyes is aesthetically pleasing and helps prevent health problems.

Nail Care

Most pets need a nail trim twice a month. Long nails are the most common cause of chiropractic problems in cats and dogs and contribute to joint pain and stiffness. Your dog’s nails are too long if they are touching the ground. Pets don’t usually like the trimming process and pet parents may often cut the nails too short or hurt the pet. Our groomers know how to hold your pet and cut nails safely and correctly. Nail grinding uses a Dremel tool to further shorten the nails and smooth edges.


We recommend monthly baths. Our two professional bathing systems are specially made to allow water and shampoo to penetrate even the thickest coats of hair, evenly spreading shampoo and water throughout the coat. Special water nozzles massage the soap throughout the coat, creating a rich lather and getting the coat cleaner than any hand wash. Bathing systems are also much faster than home bathing, shortening the time your pet may be stressed in the tub.


Conditioners are often a second step in the bathing process. Conditioners help to manage hair and make it softer, allowing mats and tangles to be more easily removed. Conditioners also re-moisturize the coat. Ask us about our different options for special shampoos and conditioners.

Anal Gland Expression

Our groomers are able to express your pet’s anal glands. The anal glands are two small sacks just inside your pet’s anus, and are filled with a strong-smelling “scent fingerprint” that animals use to identify each other. Most dogs can express these themselves when going to the bathroom, but some need a little help. Routine emptying of these sacs helps to prevent impacted or ruptured anal glands. Though be advised that the more frequently your pet has them expressed will increase the frequency of how much they need them expressed.

Professional Hair Styles

Many dog breeds are associated with classic breed cuts. There are also many identifiable hair styles that are difficult to perfect without professional training. Our groomers know how to give your dog the perfect style. Ask about our many styling options!

Enjoyable Therapeutic Massage

Massaging your dog can be difficult if you don’t know your pet’s muscle groups. Our groomers are able to give your dog a healthy, relaxing, and pleasurable massage. A proper massage has numerous health benefits, including de-stressing your pet and stimulating the circulatory system.

Appropriate Grooming Tools

Different grooming tools are needed for different breeds. Our professional groomers are aware of the different needs and use the most appropriate grooming supplies and tools for best results and to avoid irritation.

An Impartial Set of Eyes

Grooming your pet allows an impartial set of eyes to point out any issues or problems you may not have noticed. Pet parents often don’t notice small, incremental changes that create significant changes over time.


The frequency of professional grooming will vary depending on breed, coat, hair length, lifestyle, and how you want your pet to look. The usual time is every 6-8 weeks.

Teeth Brushing

Teeth are brushed with enzymatic toothpaste that breaks down existing tartar while preventing new build up. Finish with a breath spray that works by neutralizing mouth odors and helps to control plaque.

Shedless Treatment

We can reduce the hair in your house by up to 90% with our 3-step shedless process. Best if used every 6 weeks.

Proper Pet Handling

If you have tried to hold an unhappy pet, then you know that professional pet handling techniques and equipment are required for many grooming procedures. Some pets require two handlers in order to calm your pet.

Valuable Tips

Last, but not least, our professional groomers provide you with valuable insights and tips about your pet and how to best keep them healthy.