Pampered Paw Loyalty Program

Get rewards just by grooming with the BloomingPaws Salon!
Signing up is free.

When you purchase a Neaten-Up or a Full-Body Styling with the Pampered Paw Loyalty Card, you receive a 10% discount and we will also punch one of the paws on your card.

After the 6th paw is punched, you will receive a $20 credit toward anything related to our grooming services. This includes retail items such as brushes, bows, and shampoo.

Each pet has their own Pampered Paw Loyalty Card.

To stay a member in our Pampered Paw Loyalty Club, your pet must receive a Neaten-Up or Full Body Styling every 6 weeks.

Interested in signing up? Contact our Customer Service Team to learn more.

Grooming Loyalty Cards