Discount Packages

BloomingPaws offers add-on packages at a lower price to save you money without skimping on the TLC.

Aches & Pains Relief
Great for geriatric pets!

$20 ($35 value)

Includes: Relaxing Massage, Orange & Ginger Aromatherapy shampoo, Paw & Nose Revitalizer, Paw & Nose Cream, and Swim Time (seasonal)

Designed for older pets with aches and creaks who need a revitalizing trip to the spa. They will begin their spa day with a Relaxing Massage that not only gives them extra attention, but relieves aches in joints and muscles. Our Orange & Ginger Aromatherapy shampoo has anti-inflammatory properties, which will reduce joint swelling and increase circulation. We will then return moisture to their skin by applying our Paw & Nose Revitalizer and Cream. These add-ons paired with a complimentary swim are sure to relieve stress, stimulate circulation, and reduce muscle pain.

Relax & Renew
Ultimate relaxation!

$25 ($38 value)

Includes: Relaxing Massage, Paw Pad Bath Bomb, Lavender & Chamomile shampoo, and Mud Bath Coat Renewal

Begin your pet’s spa day with the ultimate relaxation experience. Our Relaxing Massage will relieve stress and promote circulation while giving them that extra TLC. Lavender & Chamomile shampoo naturally calms and relaxes with aromatherapy while the added Aloe Vera acts as a powerful skin hydrator. In addition, the Paw Pad Bath Bomb fizzes and soothes skin irritants on tired paws. We will then end their visit with a Mud Bath Coat Renewal to condition and refresh their skin. Compliment these add-ons with our Full Spa Treatment to have your pet clean, refreshed, and relaxed.