Grooming Add-Ons

Clean to fabulous. BloomingPaws has one of the most custom grooming experiences available.

Our Salon & Spa also offers Discount Add-On Packages!

Looking for something specific? Try looking over these sections below:

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Skin & Coat Price Description
Shedless Treatment $20 Promote a healthy coat with a treatment that releases loose fur and greatly reduces shedding.
Deodorizing Treatment $10 Neutralize odors with our deodorizing solution! A great first step to de-skunking.
Shampoo Upgrade $5 Improve the skin & coat with an upgrade to Oatmeal, Hypoallergenic, Deep-Cleansing, or Medicated shampoo.
Conditioner $5 Revitalize the skin and nourish the coat with our soothing conditioner.
Mat Removal $15 Price may vary depending on the severity.
Extra Brushing $15 Some pets need a little more help releasing the loose fur from their skin.

Cosmetic Price Description
Hair Color $15 Semi-permanent, non-toxic dye. Choose from 8 different colors!
Nail Polish $5 Choose from 18 different colors to make you pet look like a star.
Feathers $10 A fabulous addition for mid to longhair coats. Mix & match for the best color combination!

Maintenance Price Description
Teeth Brushing $11 Teeth are brushed with enzymatic toothpaste and finished with a breath spray to neutralize odors.
Anal Gland Expression $15 This is an external process. Internal cleaning is only performed at our Vet Clinic.
Nail Trim $15 Pet’s nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent overgrowth of the quick.
Nail Grinding $5 Smooth out the hard edge of trimmed nails and get as close to the quick as possible.
Ear Cleaning $5 Sanitize the outer ear and partial inner ear to reduce excess wax and dirt.

For Cats Price Description
Feliway® Therapy $5 A synthetic copy of a pheromone, which makes your feline feel safe and secure. Lightly sprayed on blankets or towels used in their enclosure.

Additional Services Price Description
Relaxing Massage $15 The ideal way to relax and promote circulation.
Special Handling $15 For pets who struggle with the grooming experience.
Express Service $25 Perfect for clients who need to be in and out as quick as possible.

Discount Add-On Packages:

Aches & Pains Relief
For geriatric pets.
$20 ($35 value)

Includes: Relaxing Massage, Orange & Ginger Aromatherapy shampoo, Paw & Nose Revitalizer, Paw & Nose Cream, and Swim Time (seasonal)

Designed for older pets with aches and creaks who need a revitalizing trip to the spa. A Relaxing Massage relieves aches in joints and muscles. The Orange & Ginger Aromatherapy shampoo has anti-inflammatory properties, which will reduce joint swelling and increase circulation. We return moisture to their skin by applying our Paw & Nose Revitalizer and Cream. These add-ons paired with a complimentary swim are sure to relieve stress, stimulate circulation, and reduce muscle pain.

Relax & Renew
Ultimate relaxation!
$25 ($38 value)

Includes: Relaxing Massage, Paw Pad Bath Bomb, Lavender & Chamomile shampoo, and Mud Bath Coat Renewal

Our Relaxing Massage will relieve stress and promote circulation while giving your pet extra TLC. Lavender & Chamomile shampoo naturally calms and relaxes while the added Aloe Vera acts as a powerful skin hydrator. In addition, the Paw Pad Bath Bomb fizzes and soothes skin irritants on tired paws. We then complete their spa experience with a Mud Bath Coat Renewal to condition and refresh their skin. Compliment these add-ons with our Full Spa Treatment to have your pet clean, refreshed, and relaxed.