Bloomingpaws offers daycare for dogs and cats, as well as boarding options.  Let’s start with daycare for dogs:

Would you rather your dog stay at home,
or run and play with their friends?

BloomingPaws offers Group or Independent Play options for dogs depending on their size, age, and temperament. Our trained staff evaluate each and every dog before they enter Group Play to ensure their safety and happiness.

All pets need to be in good physical health and may not have had loose stool, vomiting, injury or any type of respiratory illness symptoms for a minimum of 48 hours before participating in daycare

If your pet begins to exhibit these symptoms while in our facility, they will be pulled from play and you will be contacted to pick them up at the earliest possible time.

Never visited before? Learn more about our Group Play Policies and what we require before your dog plays with us! In addition, you will need to fill out our Group Play Questionnaire to help our Group Play Guardians place your dog in the correct group.

Want more? Our customizable Resort Add-Ons let you plan your pet’s stay.

Effective November 1st, 2022:

Daycare Single Day Rates:  Reservations required 24-48 hours in advance.

Daycare Rates Daily Rates  
Puppy Play (dogs under 6 months) $15  
Single-day Rate for 1 dog $30  
Single-day Rate for 2 dogs $52 ($30 + $22)  
Single Day Rate for 3+ dogs $69 ($30 + $22 + $17)  
Single-day Rate for 1 cat $11  
Single Day Rate for 2 cats $16.50 ($11+$5.50)  

Dog owners can benefit from the savings they get with our multi-day packages:

Packages* Prices
5-day pass $145 ($29 per day saves $5)
10-day pass $285 ($28.50 per day saves $15 )
20-day pass $560.00 ($28 per day saves $40 )

* Daycare passes expire 6 months from date of first use (not purchase) and are non-refundable except under extenuating circumstances subject to review by management.

Rest easy knowing your pet will be taken care of.
See our Carefree Guarantee.