Group Play Policies

These policies make it fun and safe for all the dogs. We reserve the right to discontinue group play privileges to any daycare or boarding clients.

  • All new dog clients prior to their first group play and dogs that have not been in group play within the past 6 months must go through a Group Play Evaluation after filling out a Group Play Questionnaire.
  • Group Play groups will be supervised by our trained Group Play Guardians, judged by the size of each group and the activity level of the dogs playing.
  • Dogs involved in any incidents or any acts deemed harmful or stressful to other dogs will be removed from group play for the day. Dogs involved in incidents or in harmful or stressful acts on more than 3 separate occasions may be placed into our independent play option.*
  • Female and male dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered to participate in group play. Intact dogs under the indicated ages will be able to play in our puppy groups.
  • Dogs that have been spayed or neutered within the past 14 days must get approval from our Clinic Coordinator before entering group play. If it has been under 10 days since their alteration, they may not participate in group play or grooming services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • All pets need to be in good physical health and may not have had loose stool, vomiting, injury or any type of respiratory illness symptoms for a minimum of 48 hours before participating in daycare or boarding.

If your pet begins to exhibit these symptoms while in our facility, they will be pulled from play and you will be contacted to pick them up at the earliest possible time.

  • Any blind, deaf or otherwise physically incapacitated dogs will need the approval of our Resort Supervisor and veterinarian before entering group play. If group play is not possible, alternate options will include independent play.
  • We will move outside group play to indoor areas during extreme heat or cold and severe thunderstorms. These decisions are at the discretion of our management.
  • Group Play will not be cancelled due to the following:  light rain, light snow, or wet conditions. We believe that our fun and stimulating environment can continue in this type of weather.**

*This includes dogs who show behavioral changes before indicated ages.

**Our Animal Care staff towel-dry all dogs for their go-home inspection if there has been wet weather. This usually leaves most dogs damp and muddy. Ask to add a superbath if this is a concern for you.