At-Home Grooming

It is very important for pet parents to maintain grooming hygiene at home, in between professional grooming. The techniques and frequency depend on the breed, but all breeds need some type of home grooming.

Don’t know where to start? keep track with SCENT: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails, Teeth. 

BloomingPaws recommends professional grooming every 4 weeks, whether that be a bath or a haircut. That leaves you responsible for the time in-between.


Be sure to wipe in any wrinkles. This dark and damp area can harbor bacteria and cause problems, particularly in our Bloomington summers. Another important area to clean is the corners of the eyes. On certain breeds, failure to do so can lead to buildup, scabbing, bleeding and discomfort upon removal. Checking the skin often will also allow for you to check for parasites, giving you a head start on eradication. We have several recommendations for parasite control, but early detection is a great help.


Daily brushing is also very important for all breeds. For some dog breeds, it will help with matt prevention; for other dog breeds it will help remove excessive undercoat. Either way it is what is best for your pet.


Some breeds require frequent ear cleaning to prevent ear infections.


We recommend nails be done every four weeks, however some pets can benefit from more frequent trimming or grinding. The amount needed depends on the lifestyle of you and your pet. Check the nails often to determine what regimen is best for you.


Daily teeth brushing is recommended to prevent tarter build up and bad breath. Here at BloomingPaws we offer an enzymatic toothpaste and breath spray to make teeth brushing easy for both you and your pet. Ask about our natural enzymatic toothpaste and breath spray.

These are just a few examples of what you can do for your pet at home. The pet boutique in our reception area sells several of the dog grooming products you may need to be successful with your grooming. We want you as a parent to be fully educated on your pet’s needs, as well as provide you with the tools for the healthiest care for your pet.

Our professional dog groomers are available to answer your questions, they are happy to help! Call us today!

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