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Boarding Checklist

Guidelines to help you prepare for your pet’s overnight stay.

Plan Ahead

Call and make a reservation as soon you know your travel plans, particularly during Peak Holiday Seasons.

Health Requirements

Make sure you are familiar with our Health Requirements and that your pet is current on all vaccines and internal parasite testing. Please email or text us a copy of their health records in advance so we can confirm that you are all set.

Personality Assessments

All new dogs will need to fill out a New Dog Questionnaire. If you want your dog to participate in Group Play, please schedule a Group Play Evaluation in advance of your pet’s stay. This will help make your pet’s boarding stay less stressful.

Baby Steps

Try to schedule a one or two-night vacation for your pet’s first stay, rather than a whole week or have them participate in daycare a couple of times before their boarding stay. These steps will help make your pet’s boarding stay less stressful.

Don’t Feed Too Much Before You Leave

Don’t overfeed your pet right before leaving for vacation or give them extra treats. This could cause an upset tummy.

Bring Us Their Supplies

The most common cause of canine diarrhea is an abrupt change of diet, so please bring your pet’s food. Prepackaging and labeling clearly helps us to best serve your pet’s daily needs. Dogs without their own food will be fed Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric formula foods according to their weight. The Purina Pro foods are easy to digest and are made with high-quality ingredients, including coconut oil or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) vegetable oil, antioxidants, and prebiotic fiber to promote digestive health.

All cats must be brought in a cat carrier that will be left with us during the stay. You should bring their food and you may bring toys, and treats. All belongings should be marked with the pet’s name.

For exotic pets, we require you to provide the food, proper lodging (cages and bedding), and specific directions for their care.

Please note: there will be additional cost if the pet parent does not bring enough of these supplies to last the entire stay.


Bring medications in their original containers when you check in. Please alert us in advance by giving us a call to provide the details about any medications.

A Note to Boarding Pet Parents:

Please do not put medications in any of your pet’s food that you bring to BloomingPaws. This is because we cannot guarantee that your pet will eat all of their food, so we are unable to be responsible for them receiving that medication.

We Need Your Number

Bring an emergency contact phone number, or a contact who can make decisions about your pet if we cannot reach you (e.g., time zone issues due to abroad clients). If we cannot reach you and treatment is deemed necessary by our veterinarian, treatment will be started and you may be responsible for any associated costs.

Vacation Lag

Your pet will probably be a little tired upon returning home for up to 48 hours. This is normal. There is a great deal of excitement at BloomingPaws! If you have any questions about your pet’s behavior, please give us a call.

Blankets & Cots

Blankets are provided for free for all canine and feline borders. They are laundered every day. Raised cots are provided for pets at additional cost. If you send bedding, it is possible that it will get soiled and then sent to our laundry. While we attempt to return all bedding in the same shape in which it was brought, we cannot completely guarantee this nor its return since it is possible that bedding might get lost in the laundry.

Do not bring large/bulky bedding, such as orthopedic bedding, from home unless there is a medical concern.