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Our Goal

To work with the pet owner to determine what the desired goal is and the best way to achieve this with least possible anxiety to the pet.

Our Mission Statement

To provide outstanding service for our clients and their pets by treating them all with love, compassion, and respect.

Our Core Values

Safety – for both employees and pets we care for

Quality of Care – each person is responsible to provide the highest quality of service for every pet. This involves being attentive to the needs of each pet, having compassion for what the pet and client are dealing with, and making them as comfortable as possible while in our care. We will offer clients the best that we have to offer in each and every situation. Quality of care also means we are an advocate for the pets we are caring for. If we see something that we know is hurting or bringing discomfort to the pet it is our job to let the owner know and offer them a better alternative or approach

Teamwork – respecting each other and what each person brings to BP, helping each other, building each other up, all working for a common goal to provide the best care for the pets we care for.

Professionalism – Treating all clients and pets with the same level of care even when they are unpleasant or upsetting.  We will also treat each other with respect.

Accountability – we hold each other accountable to provide a safe, fun, and engaging experience while completing the tasks that our positions at BP requires of us. 

Communication – explain situations, changes, and services as clearly, concisely and respectfully as possible. Communication will be positive, kind, and clear and respectful. 

Patience – with each other and the pets we work with. It’s always best to take a breath and count to five. You may have a pet that doesn’t want to go on the scale, a dog who won’t hold still, or an owner who isn’t being very clear about what they want or need.

Consistency – this is important so clients can trust what we say and do and we can trust each other. We need to consistently follow protocols and procedures for maintain the safety and care of the pets entrusted to us. 

Integrity – We expect honesty from all employees

Initiative – be able to assess and start things independently without being told. Look for things to do that will help a coworker, make the pet or client experience more positive and improve BloomingPaws as a business. Take ideas to your supervisor.

Well Being – working with animals is a very demanding profession. We have a right to advocate for ourselves and each other. We will not tolerate verbal abuse, manipulation, emotional blackmail from clients or each other. The management at BloomingPaws is constantly looking to find ways to make sure that staff are provided a positive work environment.