Brown County Foster Program

BloomingPaws Foster: Kody

Kody in the Pool

Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1 year
Breed: Pit mix
Color: Rust/Blond
Up-to-Date on vaccines!

Arrival:  Kody is a charming and goofy boy who is working on some over-excitement issues directed toward other dogs. He’s got this wrinkle to his brow that speaks Shar Pei but wide, giddy smile that says Pit bull. Kody’s ears can’t quite decide what they’re supposed to be doing other than looking stinkin’ cute, but we think that’s what makes him so lovable. That, and the fact that he tries very hard to do his best when squishing a wet tennis ball between his fuzzy jowls.

Update 6/7:  Kody has been introduced to a few dogs and responds well to social corrections. He adapts very well to different play styles, though playtime cannot involve toys. Kody loves toys very much and is quite selfish with them.

Improvements Kody has made include sitting and leash walking (heeling). He is a very smart dog, yet is stubborn. That being said, Kody will listen well if he is around those who don’t put up with his misbehaving.

Kody loves being engaged with an attentive playmate (human or animal) and would thrive with an active lifestyle that includes hiking, running, and camping. He needs someone to bond with, to look to for direction, and has confidence in.

Things Kody likes to do:Kody plays catch

  • Play fetch
  • Catch things in the air
  • Squeak toys
  • Play chase
  • Splash in the pool
  • Sit for treats

Things Kody will improve on:

  • Dog socialization
  • Jumping (on people)
  • Leash-pulling
  • Stay

If you or someone you know is interested in Kody, please contact (Emily Garrison) or (BCHS Shelter).